Executive Team

Since our inception in 1976, PRA has amassed a level of expertise that has enabled us to conduct complex global clinical trials across all therapeutic areas and provide outsourced clinical services across all phases of pharmaceutical and biotech drug development.

Our teams of experts are the core of the company promoting our forward-thinking culture with innovation, continuous attention to detail, constant quality improvement and a high priority approach to safety and timelines. Our pioneering mindset and specialist knowledge can make an enormous difference to your study.

Colin Shannon
President and Chief Executive Officer
Linda Baddour
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Sean Leech
Executive Vice President Product Registration

David W. Dockhorn
Executive Vice President and Compliance Officer
Steve Powell
Executive Vice President Clinical Informatics and Late Phase Services

Willem Jan Drijfhout
Executive Vice President Early Development Services
Samir Shah
Chief Operating Officer
Strategic Solutions

Tami Klerr
Executive Vice President Business Development
Andrew Strayer
Executive Vice President Product Registration

Dr. Harris Koffer
Strategic Solutions
Kent Thoelke
Executive Vice President Scientific & Medical Affairs